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Disabling a Rubric

Best practices for retiring rubrics

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Disabling Old Rubrics

After making a new rubric, it is time to decide how you wish to retire your old rubrics.

While it may be tempting to delete the rubric entirely, we highly recommend to actually just set rubrics to inactive.

Why does this matter?

We don't recommend to delete rubrics because QA Scores are tied to two separate parts of MaestroQA:

  1. The actual QA Score itself is associated with the rubric. So if you delete a rubric, the QA Scores are deleted as well.

  2. Only agents who are set to available from the User Roles page can have their QA Scores be interacted with.

How to set a rubric to inactive?

It is recommended to set rubrics to inactive in MaestroQA instead of deleting rubrics. For users who have access to rubrics, this can be done by:

  1. Clicking on "Settings"

  2. Click on "Rubrics"

  3. Navigate to the "Active" Column

  4. Toggle the switch to turn from blue to grey (an inactive rubric looks like the screenshot below)

edit disable rubric

What happens after a rubric is set to inactive?

  1. The inactive rubric does not automatically contribute towards QA Scores or Counts.

  2. Scores associated with the inactive rubric cannot be modified by MaestroQA Graders and Managers.

Inactive scores can still be exported out of MaestroQA as usual.

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