What is an Agent Group?

An Agent Group is a collection of agents, and Agent Groups are used to manage areas such as:

  • What agents non-agent users in MaestroQA can access

  • Send Grading Assignment automations

  • Creating reports per agent groups

This article will walk through how to use the bulk add feature on the User Roles > Agent Groups page to bulk:

  • Add agents to existing Agent Groups

  • Create new agent groups and add agents to those agent groups

  • Remove agents from existing agent groups

If you are a Zendesk user, check out this article to see how you also automatically import your user groups from Zendesk to MaestroQA.

What do I need to use this feature?

Step 1) Create your CSV file

First, you will need to set up a CSV file that you will use to bulk upload agents to agent groups. We recommend to set up a table that has a similar format to the example table below.

In this example table, we are:

  • Adding agents from the Agent ID columns to the groups listed in both of the columns labeled "Group"

Agent ID




AQA - 1

In-house Team


AQA - 1

Outsource Team


AQA - 1

In-house Team

If Agent IDs are not applicable, users can use agent emails as well, but this will not be as accurate.

Quick tip: using this CSV file, you can also mass set agents to available. from the Agents tab using the option shown below at the bottom of the page.

make agents available

Step 2) Uploading the CSV

Second, at the top of the Agent Groups tab, click on "Upload Groups".

Upload Groups

A pop-up menu will appear, and here you can upload the CSV file.

Step 3) Selecting the identifier column

Third, successfully uploading the CSV, only the first few values will be used to help visually choose the agent identifier column.

For most accurate results, we suggest to use the Agent ID as the agent identifier, but in case Agent ID is not available, then using Agent Email is also okay.

agent id groups

In the example above, we have selected the Agent Email column to use Agent Emails as the agent identifier.

Note: Using AgentIDs as the agent identifier will always be more accurate than using agent email.

What do these buttons/options mean?

button options
  1. Create # new groups with # total agents:
    In the conditions where there are unique agent groups names identified, these will create new agent groups.

    Then, a new agent group(s) are created. Agents that are paired with these agent groups in the CSV will be added.

  2. Update # existing groups to the set of # agents:
    This adds/removes agents from an existing agent group. It functions by looking first at agents who are NOT in the agent group and then adding them.

    In case the agent is paired within the agent group, then that agent is removed from the agent group.

  3. Add # total agents to # existing groups:
    Based off of the groups in the CSV, agents will be added to the groups that either appear in the same row or depending on number of times the agent's name is paired with a group.

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