What are Agent Groups

Understanding what agent groups are and why they are important

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What is an Agent Group?

An Agent Group is a collection of agents, and users can find manage Agent Groups within the User Roles page.

Agent groups are typically made and managed by MaestroQA Admins.

What is the purpose of Agent Groups?

Agent Groups are made to allow QA program managers to easily manage their QA programs in MaestroQA.

Changes in agent groups dynamically reflect across the app, and some examples of how this benefits you is:

  • Making Sharing Automations agent groups based can allow a QA program manager to just update the agent group instead of going into an automation to select what tickets per agent are to be distributed.

  • Automatically update the QA scores of reports to properly reflect groups.

  • Easily manage what agents non-agent users have access to.

How do I create an Agent Group?

Check out this article here to learn how to create Agent Groups!

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