User Groups in MaestroQA

Introduction to User Groups in MaestroQA

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What is a User Group?

A User Group is a collection of User Accounts, and a User Group can contain users with the following roles:

  • Managers or Graders

  • Limited Admins

  • Admins

Only Admins and Limited Admins can manager User Groups in MaestroQA. For Limited Admins, they can only manage User Accounts they have been granted access to.

What are User Groups used for?

Granting Limited Admins Access to User Accounts

To grant Limited Admins the ability to manage User Accounts, Limited Admins need to be provided access to specific User Groups.

To learn more about Limited Admins, check out the article below!

Manage Rubric Access

Users can bulk manage Rubric Access in MaestroQA by granting access to rubrics through User Groups. More on this can be learned by checking out our Rubric Access article!

Creating Grader QA Automations

In Grader QA automations, User Groups are used to easily select and review a large number of graders.

To learn more about Grader QA, check out the article linked below!

Where can I manage User Groups?

manage user groups

As a MaestroQA Admin or Limited Admin, you can manage User Groups from the User Roles page.

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