Gladly Integration

Integrate your data from Gladly into MaestroQA

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Setting up a Gladly Integration will require admin access in both Gladly and MaestroQA.

The information presented here is referenced from the Gladly API Documentation, available at

The Gladly + MaestroQA Integration uses HTTP Basic Authentication with the Gladly admin's email and an API Token provided during integration setup.

Setting up the Integration

Navigate to Follow the setup wizard, and enter credentials into the form.

How MaestroQA uses Gladly

MaestroQA uses the Gladly REST API to sync data from your Gladly account into your MaestroQA account. The integration does not use webhooks.

Currently, the endpoints in use are:








The only report used is ConversationDataExportReport.

The MaestroQA + Gladly integration will never make changes to your Gladly account or data.

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