What is a Macro?

A Macro is a template for the “Session Overview” part of a coaching session that can be used for future sessions whenever you need it. Macros are an efficient way to save language that you often include in your 1:1’s, career development conversations, etc!

Who can access Macros?

Macros can either be user-specific or shared with other team members (scroll to the end of the article for more info on Shared Macros).

User-Specific Macros can be created by any non-agent user. For example, coaches can create a macro for themselves, but they won't be able to share those macros with anyone else.

Shared Macros can be created by Admins and Limited Admins, and then shared with specific User Groups. (New update as of Dec. 17th, 2021 - Scroll down for more info)

User-Specific Macros

Any user can create a macro for personal use. Admins and Limited have the option to create either type of Macro, while Graders and Managers/Coaches can only create User-Specific Macros.

How to create a Macro

  • Type your Macro into the Session Overview box. Macros can include rich text, images, and hyperlinks.

  • Highlight the text and select “Create New Macro”.

  • Name the Macro & Save.

How to Apply a Macro

  1. In the Session Overview, click “Apply Macro” to bring up a list of your created Macros.

  2. Choose your Macro. This will bring up a preview of the Macro text. Select Apply.

  3. Your Macro will be added to the Session Overview, which can be edited and customized from there!

session overview apply macro

apply macro

New Update as of December 17, 2021 - Available to all Admins and Limited Admins

Shared Macros

Now there is an option to help standardize the coaching process for your team. With Shared Macros, Admins can create templates that can be used across the entire team.

How to create a Shared Macro

To create a Shared Macro, Admins and Limited Admins must follow the same process.

  • Write out the desired text for the macro in the Session Overview section

  • Click "Create New Macro"

Now, an option will appear to choose which User Groups to share the macro with. You can choose as many User Groups as you'd like for each Shared Macro.

Once the macro is saved, all of the users in the selected User Group(s) will have access to your Shared Macro.

Note: You do not have to select User Groups if you don't want to. If you are creating a macro for personal use, skip the User Group selection and save the macro.

How to Edit a Shared Macro

If you ever need to edit the Macro, click the "Macros" button at the top-right of the Session Overview section and choose the macro from the dropdown list.

After you select the macro, a new prompt will appear showing the macros current state:

  1. Macro Name

  2. Which teams the macro is currently shared with

  3. The written text/body of the macro itself

  4. A log of previous edits to the macro and the users who made the edits

    • Note: If you share a macro with other Admins/Limited Admins, they'll also be able to manage the macro (edit the macro, share with more User Groups, or delete it).

Select "Edit". From here you can now make any modifications to the macro. Note that is also how to delete a macro if necessary.

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