What is a Macro?

A Macro is a template for the “Session Overview” part of a coaching session that users can create for themselves. Macros are a great way to save language that you often include in your 1:1’s, career development conversations, etc!

Who can access Macros?

Macros are user-specific. You can create multiple Macros, but no one else at your company will be able to view, access or use them.

If you want to create templated Session Overviews that can be used across multiple users, the best workflow would be to create a Coaching Template. More information on templates can be found here.

How to create a Macro

  • Type your Macro into the Session Overview box. Macros can include rich text, images and hyperlinks.

  • Highlight the text and select “Create New Macro”

  • Name the Macro & Save

How to Apply a Macro

  1. In the Session Overview, click “Apply Macro” to bring up a list of your created Macros.

  2. Choose your Macro. This will bring up a preview of the Macro text. Select Apply.

  3. Your Macro will be added to the Session Overview, which can be edited and customized from there!

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