How to Create and Edit Macros

Learn how to use Macros to drive alignment and scale your Coaching program

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Macros are the building blocks of your coaching sessions. Use them to save and replicate different blocks of text to:

  • Quickly add in your standard structure for meetings with agents

  • Pull in commonly used text blocks like SMART goal templates or tips for improvement in a particular skill

  • Add prompts for fields that Coaches need to fill out for each session

How to Create Macros

  1. Within a Rich Text editor in Maestro, type out the text you’d like to include in a Macro. Highlight the text, and select “Create New Macro”. Name the Macro and save.

    1. For Admins and Limited Admins, the process to create a Shared Macro is the same–just select the User Groups you want to share

  2. To use a Macro, click the “Macros” button at the top right of any Rich Text Editor and select the Macro you’d like to use. You can apply Macros more than once and use them in Coaching Sessions, Coaching Templates, and To-dos!

  3. To edit a Macro, click back into the "Macros" button at the top right of a Rich Text Editor and click "Edit"

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

✍ Note: User-Specific Macros can be created by any non-agent user, but cannot be shared with anyone else. Admins and Limited Admins can create Shared Macros and select which user groups have access to them. Agents do not have access to use or create Macros.

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