Coaching Points
Learn how to use Coaching Points to bring specific feedback into sessions
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Coaching Points allow Coaches and Graders to bring tangible feedback into Coaching Sessions. A key component of Coaching in Maestro, Coaching Points allow:

  • Graders to prep Coaching Sessions for Coaches by adding in an Agent’s tickets as Coaching Points from their grading workflow with notes their evaluation

  • Coaches to pull in important KPIs o benchmark an Agent’s progress against their individual and team goals

  • Coaches and agents to discuss qualitative feedback such as Tone and Voice and tie feedback to particular tickets

How to Create a Coaching Point

  1. Add tickets as Coaching Points either from the Maestro Feedback Table or from Grading

  2. To add KPIs or General Coaching Points, navigate to the Coaching Tab, and open the session that you want to add Coaching Points to, or create a new session

  3. For KPIs, select the KPI option, and use the dropdown menu to select which KPI you would like to coach to. These are broken down by Productivity and CSAT

  4. For General Coaching Points, add a subject to describe the point. You have the option to tie these to a ticket by entering the ID

  5. Mark the Coaching Point as a strength or opportunity for the Agent, and add some notes if you would like. Click “Add to session” to finish and close out

  6. You can go back and edit or delete the Coaching Point by clicking the three dots on the top right corner of the Coaching Point

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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