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Ticket Level Agent Engagement Report
Ticket Level Agent Engagement Report

Learn how to create Ticket Level Agent Engagement Reports

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With Ticket Level Agent Engagement Reporting, QA leaders can:

  • Evaluate the scale of their QA programs by tracking how support teams are engaging with their feedback

  • Report on ticket open rates on the Agent and Agent Group level

  • Support agents who consistently view their ticket feedback and offer coaching opportunities for agents who fall behind

What’s the Difference? Ticket Review Agent Engagement is what you’re used to seeing in Maestro reporting –whether or not an agent has opened feedback for a particular batch of Ticket Reviews. Ticket Level Agent Engagement tracks whether an agent has opened an individual ticket anywhere in Maestro.

How to Create Ticket Level Agent Engagement Reports

  1. From the Reporting Tab, click “Agent Engagement - Graded Tickets” on the left sidebar.

  2. Filter by Agent Group and select “Apply”. The table will populate with a list of agents, the Tickets shared with them, the number and percentage of them that were opened, and the tickets overdue

Note: If you're seeing different results in the Report than you'd see in the Feedback table, this is due to your level of Rubric access – the Feedback table shows engagement for all Rubrics you have access to, while the Report shows for all Rubrics

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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