Use this training template to onboard your Agents to Coaching, and level-set expectations for future performance

Welcome to Coaching!

Welcome to your first Coaching Session! Coaching sessions are used to give structured feedback to Agents and have conversations about performance and growth. In Coaching Sessions, we’ll generally discuss:

  • (item 1 you want to discuss)

  • (item 2 you want to discuss)

  • (item 3 you want to discuss)

Types of Coaching

  • 1:1 Sessions: Most common type of coaching, used at a regular cadence to discuss performance

  • Performance Review: Holistic review of an Agent’s growth and performance over the month, quarter, or year, and goals for career growth

Coaching Cadence

Frequency of coaching sessions:

How will we be meeting? (Email, Zoom, etc.):

Performance Expectations

[Fill out or use this section to drop in Macros around performance expectations particular to your team]

Onboarding Tasks

[Fill out or use this section to drop in Macros around onboarding tasks particular to your team]

❗If you like this Session and want to use it for your own coaching, save it as a Macro, or, if you're an Admin, add it as a Template for your Coaches to use!

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