What type of 1 on 1 session are you preparing to have with your Agent? Is it for a promotion? Maybe a disciplinary action? How many stakeholders should be able to see this confidential information?

Now admins can create templates for different types of coaching conversations and restrict access to only the users who need to see it. By setting limitations on particular coaching templates, Admins can effectively facilitate a way for coaches of various levels and/or departments to document important 1 on 1 sessions all in the Maestro platform.

Note: This functionality's purpose is to manage who has permission to access a coaching template, not to create Coaching Sessions with various formats/structures. Each Coaching template will have the same functionality and feature options. This determines which Coaching Sessions a user is able to view.

How to Enable Coaching Templates

Once an Admin has enabled the new Coaching experience, the Coaching Settings option will appear at the top of the Settings dropdown. Only Admins and Limited Admins will be able to view this in Settings.

enable coaching templates

Admins can turn on the new Coaching experience by going to Settings > Other Settings > Additional Feature Settings. Read this article to learn more about how to enable the new Coaching experience for your team.

Who can use Coaching Templates?

Admins and Limited Admins have the ability to create and use Coaching Templates, as well as dictate which User Groups have access to certain Coaching Templates.

If a Grader/Manager opts-in to the new Coaching Experience (or if the Admin enables the new Coaching experience for all users), they will be able to select different Coaching Templates to use.

Coaching Settings Main Page

Here the Admin will see the Coaching Settings page, where coaching templates can be created, enabled, and modified.

coaching settings

The columns you see above can be interpreted as follows:

  • Template: The name of the Coaching Session Type

  • Creator: The admin that originally created the Coaching Template

  • Shared with: the number of User Groups with access to that particular Coaching Template

  • Enabled toggle: Similar rubrics, you can enable or disable a template. Disabling it will remove the Coaching Template as an option for your User Groups to choose from

Important Note: The Default Template represents a normal Coaching template that can be accessed by everyone. You can change the name of the Default Template but you cannot disable it. You also cannot adjust who has access to it since everyone should be able to use it. All other Coaching Templates created can be modified however you'd like.

Creating a New Coaching Template

Use Case: Sometimes leaders need to document coaching sessions that are confidential for the Agent. Certain conversations may not need to be visible to every leader that has access to an Agent's QA scores. Admins can now exercise this discretion by creating Coaching Templates with limited access to well-defined User Groups. Some ideas for creating a separate Coaching Template are:

  • Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

  • Disciplinary Action

  • Career Growth Opportunities and Planning

  • Department-specific Feedback

  • Templates related to specific support teams or support functions

Press New coaching template to create a new Coaching Template for your team.

set up template

Admins control which User Groups have access to this template by toggling on the necessary User Groups on this page.

If you'd like to ever update an existing template, go to the main Coaching Settings page and press Edit to adjust it as you see fit.

new coaching template - edit

Coaching Templates on the Coaching tab

Once Coaching Templates have been created, coaches will have the option to choose which template they'd like to use when creating a new Coaching Session. Coaches will only see the templates they've been given access to.

For example, if an Agent took part in a Disciplinary Action coaching session and Coach #1 does not have access to that template, she will not see that coaching session. Coach #1 would only see the other template options and the coaching sessions created with those templates.

edit template coaching session

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