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How to get a bird's-eye view as a Manager!

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The Manager Homepage allows managers to get a bird's-eye view of the metrics and workflows they are about most right on their homepage so they’re always up to date!

The homepage is made up of a series to widgets that each contain different pieces of information such as upcoming coaching sessions, pending grading assignment, average QA score, and more!

This new homepage will replace the “Team Dashboard” page in Coaching. Managers will still be able to see and use the “Agent Dashboard” page in Coaching.


This will be the new default page you land on when logging into Maestro. It will be visible to users with the role of “manager”. Admins and Limited Admins have their own version of this homepage as well.


Our library of widgets is set to expand and stay tuned as we continue to roll out more widgets. Here are some of the widgets available today that we see users engaging with the most:

COACHING SESSIONS - confirm when your last session with an agent was and if you have a “next” one already scheduled

TOP/ BOTTOM THREE RUBRIC CRITERIA - decipher which of your rubric criteria agents are struggling with or performing the best on.

UNDERPEFORMING AGENTS - Using the filters on the top right of the widget, set a specific QA goal you want your agents to perform at. And then let the widget tell you how many agents are performing below that goal.

Tip: Click “View More” to dive deeper into any insights on the widgets!


You can customize your homepage view based on the information that feels most relevant to you. Any changes you make here can be saved and will only be reflected in your account - other users will not be affected.

1. UPDATE FILTERS - Click on the text on the top right of a widget to open filters and modify them. Be sure to click “save filters” to ensure that these settings are saved the next time you come back to the homepage!

2. REORDER WIDGETS - Click “Edit View” to re-order the widgets on your homepage so you can create a view that’s customized to you.

3. DELETE OR DUPLICATE WIDGETS: To remove irrelevant widgets, click Edit View > Delete from Dashboard (from the kebab icon to the top right of each widget). You can also hit “Duplicate” to create a copy of this widget.

4. RENAME WIDGETS: Edit the name by clicking Edit View and then typing in the desired name for each widget.

5. ADD WIDGETS: To add new widgets or see the collection of available widgets click Edit View > Add Widget and then select the relevant widget from the list. Check off the widget you’re interested in and you’ll see a preview of what it looks like as well.

Be sure to click “save” after you make any of these changes to preserve those changes! And as a reminder, all these settings are saved at the user level and will not affect what other users see on their own accounts.


If access to agents or agent groups is updated, it may take 3-4 hours before those changes are reflected on this homepage. For example, if access to a specific agent group is removed, those agent groups may still be showing up and being accounted for in the numbers on the homepage for up to 4 hours after the change is made.

Let us know if you have any topics or questions not covered in this article!

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