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Rubric Folders
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What is a Rubric Folder?

Rubric Folders is a feature that exists on the Rubrics page to help users organize their rubrics.

There is no limit to how many rubrics can be placed into a Rubric Folder. However, you cannot create a folder within a folder.

How do I create a Rubric Folder?

There are two ways to create a folder:

  • Click on “Create New Folder”

  • Select a rubric → click “Move to Folder” → Enter in a valid name for “Create New folder”

How do I add a rubric to a Rubric Folder?

Select rubrics you desire to add to a folder, and then click on “Move to Folder”. This will allow you to either:

  1. Create a new folder to add all the rubrics into

  2. Add the rubrics to an existing folder

What happens when I delete a folder?

When a folder is deleted, the rubrics will return to the Rubric page underneath the “Uncategorized Rubrics” column. None of the rubrics within the folder will be deleted.

Who can delete, edit, or rename folders?

Any user with access to the rubrics page can edit, delete or rename a folder. General restrictions that exist for Limited Admins still apply, so it is not possible for Limited Admins to see rubrics created by a user they do not have User Group access to.

How do I delete or rename a folder?

Clicking on the button highlighted below will bring up a menu where you can:

  1. Open the folder

  2. Rename the folder

  3. Delete the folder

Can rubric folders have the same name?

No, all rubric folder names have to be unique.

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