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Which file types does MaestroQA support?
Which file types does MaestroQA support?

Find out which file types can be attached to tickets in Maestro!

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When uploading individual tickets to Maestro, we support the following file types as attachments:

  • Image files (PNG, JPEG, etc.)

  • Audio files (MP3, MPEG, OGG, OPUS, WAV, and WebM)

  • PDF

To upload individual tickets with these types of files attached, visit the Tickets tab and click "Create Ticket," as shown here:

You'll then see a pop-up box with the ability to upload a file in one of the above formats:

NOTE: When uploading tickets in bulk from the Integrations tab > Manual Upload tile, rather than attaching a file to a ticket, you will have the ability to enter a URL with a link to the file in your helpdesk. To learn more about our bulk ticket upload feature, check out this helpful article!

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