For users utilizing a non-integrated workflow in MaestroQA, instead of manually creating individual tickets, utilize the bulk manual ticket upload feature!

This feature is limited to MaestroQA Admins and can be located on the Integrations page. Note at the moment, at max 20,000 tickets can be bulk created per CSV.

bulk create manual tickets

Using Manual Upload

Step 1: Creating the CSV

Before clicking on the "Manual Upload" tile, ensure that your CSV file contains the following fields in the exact order listed:

  1. agent_ids: Refers to the agentID used to identify the agent. If you are not using agentID, you can also use agent_emails, though this is less accurate.

  2. date: The day the ticket was created. A leading zero is not required for the Formats accepted are YYYY/MM/DD or MM/DD/YYYY

  3. subject: The subject of the ticket.

  4. body: The comments or text of the ticket.

  5. link: A link to the ticket from your external resource

  6. tags: Any tag value separated by semicolons with no spaces after semicolons (ex. Tag 1;Tag2)

  7. type: what type of ticket is this (ex. Phone)

  8. csat_score: What was the CSAT Score on the ticket?

  9. status: Refers to the status of a ticket (ex. Closed)

  10. ticket_id: Add the ticketID for the ticket here

As reference, here is a screenshot of how to set up a CSV file.

Additionally, here is a google sheet template that you can copy.

Step 2: Uploading the CSV

After clicking on the "Manual Upload" tile, click on "Upload Tickets" from the following page.

manual upload tickets

From here, you can click on" "Upload CSV" to be prompted to upload the CSV file

upload csv

Step 3: Adding the Tickets

Upon successfully uploading the CSV file, you will see the first 3 results load up in a table.

add tickets

In addition, you will see a quick summary of how many tickets were identified as well as how many agents were identified.

To upload the tickets, click on "Upload # tickets". This upload should happen instantly.

upload tickets

Upon successfully uploading the CSV file, a blue message pops up in the right hand corner of MaestroQA to confirm what was created.

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