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Why Can't I Log In?

Follow these instructions to troubleshoot your login issues!

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There are three primary ways to log into Maestro:

Depending on which login method your team has enabled, you'll need to take different actions to figure out why you can't log in.

NOTE: You must continue to log into Maestro via the same method you initially used. For example, if you register your account and initially sign in via Zendesk, you must continue to sign in via Zendesk. If you initially sign in via email/password, you must continue to sign in via email/password.

Login Error Messages

Email and password

  • "Login forbidden" – The first step should be checking your email and password for typos and making sure they're both spelled correctly. If they are correct but you still receive the "Login forbidden" error, this means you must reset your password using the "Forgot your password?" button on the Maestro login screen, and follow the instructions in the password reset email you receive:

Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools: Okta, OneLogin, etc.

  • "Login forbidden" when trying to log in with your IAM tool – This means you may need to check your access to Okta (or whichever IAM tool your team uses). Check if you have the MaestroQA tile in your Okta/IAM tool catalogue. If not, please reach out to your internal IT team to have them provision you for MaestroQA in your IAM tool. Once that's complete, you should be able to log in!

  • "SAML login failed. Please verify your account name or contact us for help." – This means you have entered the incorrect account name for your company. The account name will be a subdomain, such as "maestroqa," not a web address, such as "" If you don't know your account subdomain, please check with someone on your team!

Zendesk SSO

  • “Multiple Zendesk accounts linked to account” – This means your Zendesk login is used across two Maestro accounts (e.g. if you've recently switched teams), so you must do one of the following:

    • Contact your old team's Admin(s) and have them remove you from the old Maestro account, then have your current team's Admin re-add you to the new one

    • Log in via SAML or email/password (if your team has these options enabled, which an Admin on your team will be able to tell you)

  • Zendesk error – This means you may be entering the wrong subdomain while trying to log in. You can confirm the subdomain by going into your company's Zendesk instance, and locating the subdomain within the URL. For example, in this screenshot, "" does not work:

But simply entering "maestroqa" (the Zendesk subdomain) does work:

​Please sure you enter the correct subdomain when logging in via Zendesk. If you're unsure of your Zendesk subdomain, please reach out to an Admin on your team.​

NOTE: If you are already logged into Zendesk when you sign into Maestro, you will be logged right after entering your subdomain. If you are not already logged into Zendesk when you sign into Maestro, you will need to enter your Zendesk credentials in order to authenticate.

For non-Agent users, check out this helpful article about how to invite people on your team to join Maestro:

If you've followed all the above steps and still cannot log in, please reach out to Maestro Support via the blue chat button and we'll be happy to help! 🕵️

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