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Reporting on Markdowns

Read this article to learn how to report on markdowns in Maestro!

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What are markdowns?

In Maestro, "markdowns" refer to any selection when grading that does not award full points to an Agent. For example, if "Yes" = 5 points, "Maybe" = 3 points, and "No" = 0 points, then "Maybe" and "No" would be considered markdowns.

Where can I report on markdowns?

The first place to go when looking to report on markdowns is the QA Performance Dashboard in the "Dashboards" section of Reporting. This handy article provides some helpful tips and tricks for accessing the "Markdowns by Rubric Criteria" part of the QA Breakdown tab in that Dashboard.

How can I report on markdowns by Rubric Options (checkboxes and dropdowns)?

While the QA Performance Dashboard currently only filters down to markdowns by Rubric Criteria, we do plan to expand this functionality so you can drill down into Rubric Options (checkboxes or dropdowns) in the future. If this is a feature you think would be helpful for your team, please let Maestro Support or your CSM know!

In the meantime, a good workaround to view markdowns by Rubric Options is to go to Reporting and click "Create Custom Chart." From there, you can filter for "Number of QA" (rather than "QA Score") in order to see the number of tickets where a certain markdown was selected.

Then, under the "[Select Items]" filter, follow the pathing for any markdown you need to view, remembering not to check the boxes under the Rubrics, Sections, and Criteria dropdowns, but rather just those under the Options column:

Once you've done that, select the Agent or Agents you need to view in the Columns filter, so that it splits by Agent. Then click "Update Table" to see your results, and voila!

The resulting chart should look similar to this (if you select the Bar Graph option at the top right):

Here is a more detailed explanation of this workflow using the Table view, which breaks down the data by Agent:

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to Maestro Support by clicking the blue chat button. We'll be happy to help!

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