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What is a "To-Do" list and what do I need to do with it?

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What is a To-Do list?

In Maestro, your homepage contains information about your QA scores and your Coaching Sessions.

Between the "Coaching Sessions" and "Feedback" sections of your homepage is a section called "To-Do's." These are simple action items that may be assigned to you by your Manager or Team Lead, or whoever coaches you in Maestro.

Examples of To-Do's:

  • Learn a certain team workflow

  • Review your team's internal knowledge base

  • Complete other tasks assigned to you by your Coach

How do I navigate the To-Do's section?

Here is a helpful screenshot with the various parts of the To-Do section labeled:

And here is an example of what you may see when you click into a To-Do:

NOTE: A Coaching Session will only appear if your Coach has attached the To-Do to a Coaching Session.

If you have any questions specific to a To-Do itself, please reach out to your Manager or Team Lead to discuss. If you have any questions about functions or features of the To-Do section, Maestro Support is available via the blue chat bubble! 💬

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