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Bulk Update Automations to use Latest Rubric
Bulk Update Automations to use Latest Rubric

Mass update what Rubric is used in Agent QA Automations

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When creating Agent QA Automations, we strongly recommend specifying a Rubric that is associated with the Assignments generated by the Automation. The primary benefit of this is to streamline the grading process so that Graders won't need to select a Rubric each time they start grading a ticket.

Now when it comes time to iterate and update the Rubric used in your Agent QA workflows, it is also necessary to update the Rubric that is used in these Automations.

This article will walk through how to mass apply your Rubric to be used across multiple Automations to help prevent Graders from using the wrong Rubric while grading.

Where can I find this option?

The ability to mass update Automations can be found on the Automations page. This button is only visible to Maestro Admins. Currently, it is only possible to apply this update to Agent QA Automations.

When clicking on the "Update Automation Rubrics," this will bring up a menu that has two tabs:

  • By Rubric

  • By Automation

How does the option work?

By Rubric

Using this option, you will be updating Automations based off of the Rubric that is used in the Automation.

In the first step, select a Rubric that is actively used in Automations today. Upon selecting a Rubric used in Automations, a list of Automation names will populate within the grey box underneath the selector.

By default, all Agent QA Automations associated with the Rubric will be selected. If there are Automations you wish not to be updated, click on the name of the Automation to deselect it.

Selected Automations will have a blue highlight as well as a checkmark next to the name, as can be seen with the "Chat Automation."

Deselected Automations will have no highlight and no checkmark, as can be seen with "Internal Automation."

Second step is to select the new Rubric you wish to use moving forward.

If steps are successful, you will be able to click on "Update Automations" to apply the update.

By Automation

In comparison with By Rubric option, this approach involves selecting manually what Automations you wish to update.

If you wish to remove an Automation, you can either click on the X next to the Automation name within the grey box or by clicking on the trash can icon next to the Automation name in the dropdown menu.

After selecting the appropriate Automations, select the Rubric you wish to be used across these selected Automations and click on "Update Automations" to apply changes.


Will this change apply to Assignments generated in the past?

Only Assignments moving forward will use the Rubric applied.

Can I update non-Agent QA Automations?

In the current state, only Agent QA Automations can be updated.

What Automations should populate from the dropdown menus?

All Agent QA Automations active or inactive should populate from the dropdown menus. If you are not seeing this happen, please chat in to let us know!

Can I select more than one rubric to be associated with an Automation?

Each individual Agent QA Automation can only have one Rubric associated with them.

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