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Per Option Feedback in Rubrics
Per Option Feedback in Rubrics

Dive deeper into QA by creating more granular feedback options in rubrics

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What is Per Option Feedback?

Per Option Feedback is a conditional feedback method that allows you to set a unique set of feedback on an individual option level.

Only Multiple Choice and Dropdown criteria can set up "Per Option Feedback".

Linear scale and checkbox criteria cannot use "Per Option Feedback" functionality.

Setting up Per Option Feedback

Note: As for any significant rubric change, we recommend to clone your existing active rubric before making any updates to it. If you are hoping to test out this workflow, clone your rubric to avoid losing historical data.

Setting up "Per Option Feedback" allows each option to have a feedback field if desired. On an option level, there are three options:

  1. No Change: do not trigger any Feedback options

  2. Show Feedback: shows the Feedback options but they are not required to create a score

  3. Show and Require Feedback: to create a QA score, select and/or fill out all required feedback fields when the option is selected

You will need to fill out each "Per Option Feedback" field individually, and an example of "Per Option Feedback" set up successfully is shown here:

What Other Conditional Feedback Types Exist?

There are 3 feedback options to choose from:

  1. No Feedback: No feedback is necessary for the criteria

  2. General Feedback: There is one general set of feedback that all criteria will use

  3. Per Option Feedback: Each criteria will have it's own unique set of feedback

Explaining General Feedback Options

To show a more visual example, the below criteria is set to have General Feedback. The two General Feedback Options are:

  1. Wrong Process/Problem Solving Steps

  2. Provided Incorrect Info

For the criteria "Problem Resolution", selecting "Yes" would show the two General Feedback Options but not require them to be selected. Selecting "No" would require one of the two General Feedback Options to be selected.

Explaining Per Option Feedback Options

In comparison, for Per Option Feedback, using the same question as above, these are the feedback options available:

  1. "Yes"

    1. Asked the right questions

  2. "No"

    1. Wrong Process/Problem Solving Steps

    2. Provided Incorrect info

While grading, when clicking "Yes", only the feedback option "Asked the right questions" would appear.

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