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MaestroQA | Zoom Integration
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MaestroQA has an in-app Zoom integration that can bring in meeting recordings from Zoom and call recordings from Zoom Contact Center. This integration is enabled by configuring a Server-to-Server OAuth application within Zoom.

Technical Integration Steps

This Zoom Help Article walks through how to configure Server-to-Server OAuth applications. Below is a quick summary of the steps required to do this.

  1. A Zoom Admin must create a Role that has the permissions to enable Server-to-Server OAuth applications. The Zoom Admin must then add the user who will be setting up the integration to this role. (Help Article Section)

    1. A system account can also be created in Zoom to facilitate the integration if desired

  2. Ensure the user who will be setting up the integration has the proper permissions to scopes that the integration will require. Additionally, the user must have the permission to View and Edit Users. (Help Article Section)

    1. Scopes required:

      1. Meeting -> View all user meetings (Zoom Video Recording)

      2. Recording -> View all user recordings (Zoom Contact Center)

      3. User -> View all user information (Zoom Video Recording and Zoom Contact Center)

      4. Account -> View account info (Zoom Video Recording and Zoom Contact Center)

      5. Chat -> View all users' chat channels (Zoom Video Recording)

      6. Chat -> View all users' chat messages (Zoom Video Recording)

      7. Contacts -> View all users' contacts (Zoom Video Recording and Zoom Contact Center)

  3. The user setting up the integration creates the Server-to-Server OAuth application and makes note of the Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret in App Credentials section. These are the details that are then input in MaestroQA to enable the integration (Help Article Section)

    1. Contents in Information section are not leveraged in the MaestroQA integration

    2. Contents in the Feature section are not leveraged in the MaestroQA integration

    3. In the Scopes section, add the scopes references above

What to Expect in MaestroQA

Once the integration is enabled, video recordings and/or call recordings will start flowing into MaestroQA so long as the host of the meeting/call is set as an available agent in MaestroQA.

For video recordings, MaestroQA will also show the meeting chat and meeting transcription if you have this enabled in your Zoom account.

A critical thing to note for the Zoom integration is that Zoom does not have the concept of ticket attributes like a traditional helpdesk. Through our integration, we only bring over the meeting Subject and the duration of the meeting (in minutes). For this reason, if you're looking to build automations for Zoom recordings in MaestroQA, it is recommended that you have your agents / users you're looking to QA use consistent meeting subjects.

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