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Creating a QA + CSAT Trend Report
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How do I create this report?

To begin, first click on "Create Custom Chart". If you do not see this button appear at the top of the Reporting page, you do not have the correct access to create a custom chart. Please refer to your MaestroQA Admin on being granted access.

In the Custom Chart builder, make sure to select Line chart as the chart type.

Then select what metrics you wish to build the Line graph with. In this case, it would be:

  1. QA

  2. CSAT

The custom chart will default to past 7 days, and by clicking on "Update Chart", if there are results that match the time frame, you will see a trend line appear for the QA score and another for the CSAT score.

Other adjustments can be made to the chart such as only showing QA results related to a set of selected rubrics (by using the "filtered to" selection) or creating unique lines per QA rubric (by using the "for" selection).

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