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Learn more about the Companion App and Why to use it

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What is the Screen Capture Companion App

Screen Capture Companion App is a Screen Capture method that will provide an overall more stable Screen Capture experience for agents.

This works alongside the Screen Capture Chrome Extension, and it can be downloaded from the Screen Capture > Configuration page > Screen Share Method portion after clicking on "Native App and Extension".

Note: The Screen Capture Companion App may also be referred to as the Screen Capture Native App. For this article, we will be referring to it as the Companion App.

Why use the Screen Capture Companion App

If your team is currently using the standalone Chrome Extension experience and you are noticing a trend in:

  1. Tickets not have an associated screen recording on them

  2. Agents being prompted to re-share their screens often

The Companion App might be of assistance. With the Standalone Experience, we are highly reliant on having the Zendesk page you first opened and established Screen Share permissions to maintain Screen Sharing permissions. If the page is refreshed or closed in any fashion, we instantly can lose a connection requiring to re-share screens and then lose a recording.

With the introduction of the Companion App, we are able to shift away from depending on Chrome for establishing Share Screen permissions. Instead, the Companion App will help maintain Screen Share permissions removing reliance on any Screen Share permission established in Chrome.

So how does the Companion App Work?

The Companion App is a separate application that must be downloaded and provided Screen Sharing permissions through your Device Permissions. It works alongside the Chrome Extension, meaning that in order for Screen Capture to work both the Companion App AND the Chrome Extension need to be open/on.

Given that the Companion App is now responsible for managing Screen Share permissions, the only way to disconnect a Screen Sharing permission is to close the Companion App.

While the extension is no longer required to help retain sharing permissions, it is still required to track the proper ticket triggers for starting a recording such as:

  • When an agent picks up the phone

  • When an agent is starting a chat


Are there any performance differences between the two options?

Based on early benchmarks, there are no notable performance differences between the current Screen Capture extension and the Companion App version. We recommend continuing to continue using current state performance modes.

What Operating Systems is the Companion App compatible with?

Companion App is compatible with MacOS and Windows. It is not compatible with ChromeOS or Linux.

What is the recommended path to download the Companion App?

We highly recommend to centrally deploy the Companion App through a MDM tool. This can help with ensuring that the Companion App is properly set up on each device with the correct permissions, reducing effort required by an Agent to set up Screen Capture.

Commonly this can be started by providing your Tooling team with the Companion App, and we will also be happy to help answer any other questions they may have.

Are there alternatives to sharing the Companion App?

If no MDM option is available, sharing the download link noted earlier will also work.

Will an agent be notified when the Companion App is closed?

If Screen Capture is set as required in order to access the helpdesk, then we provide a blocking message that will alert an agent they need to open the Companion App to start their work.

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