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Create Custom Ticket Replacement Reasons
Create Custom Ticket Replacement Reasons
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What is a Replace Ticket Reason?

While grading an assignment created by an Agent QA automation, it is possible to replace a ticket in the case that the ticket assigned is not suitable for grading. By default, Maestro has the following replace ticket reasons:

  • Wrong Date

  • Not enough to grade

  • Wrong Agent

  • Too short/too long

  • Other

While this is helpful for graders to help find an appropriate ticket to grade, the default reasons set by Maestro may not apply for your specific QA program. This article will help walkthrough how you can create your own replace ticket reasons.

How do I create a Replace Ticket Reason?

As a MaestroQA Admin, you will see a button on the Automations page labeled: Set Ticket Replace Reasons.

Clicking this button will bring you to a page where you can:

  1. Create a new Ticket Replacement Reason

  2. Disable existing Ticket Replacement Reasons

  3. Delete non-default Ticket Replacement Reasons

To create a reason, click on “Create Ticket Replace Reason”. In this pop-up form, all you need to do is fill in a reason’s name. After creating the reason, it will default to being unavailable.

After you create a reason, it is not possible to edit the replacement reason. The only way to replace a ticket replacement reason is to delete it and re-write it.

Additionally, you will be required to keep at least one ticket replacement reason set to available.

What is unique about the default reasons?

Two default reasons have unique follow-up actions to them. They are:

  1. Wrong Date

    1. Clicking this default replacement reason will bring up a date range to allow for the grader to find a more suitable timeframe to grade a ticket

  2. Other

    1. Clicking on other will bring up a text prompt to allow a user to fill in a replacement reason on their own

Custom ticket replace reasons do not support either date range or free text follow-up explanations. If you wish to use either of those, keep the default Wrong date range or Other set to available.

Can I do reporting on this?

On the Reporting page, the report “Ticket Replacement Report” will always show in the columns available ticket replacement reasons (default or custom).

If you wish to see stats for ALL ticket replacement reasons, CSV export for the report will always include all replacement reasons available or unavailable.

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