Watching Screen Capture Videos

Walking through the different components of a Screen Capture Video within the Ticket view

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Watching a Screen Capture Video

By default, a Screen Capture video will be shown in a minimized state. This state can be expanded by clicking on the video itself.

It is NOT possible to watch a video in its compact state or revert a Screen Capture video back into its compact state after expanding.

Moments Timeline

If the Moments feature is enabled, you will notice a color coded Moments timeline available below the video. Within the Moments timeline, each workflow is color-coded based off of the Moment that it is detecting.

Hovering over any of the segments will show the name of the Moment, and by clicking on the segment will bring you to the beginning of the Moment.

Clicking on “View Table” will expand the Moments timeline to show a sum of the time spent per Moment on the Screen Capture video.

Ticket Events Timeline

Right below the Moments timeline, you may also see a Ticket Events timeline which will help show when events like a:

  1. Public Comment was made

  2. Private Comment was made

  3. Macro is used

  4. Ticket Attribute Field Update was made (ex. changed Tag value)

Hovering over a Ticket Event will show the specific time in the video we saw an event occur, and clicking on that Ticket Event in the timeline will bring you to the part of the video where it happens.

Note: When clicking on a Ticket Event or a Moment, there can be an up to 10 second discrepancy between the time stamp and the event actually happening.


The Screen Capture video keeps on throwing an error when I skip around, how do I fix this?

If you are running into issues where the video stops loading while jumping around on a ticket, we suggest disabling "Use hardware acceleration when available" or similar setting in your browser settings. Screenshot below shows how this will appear in Chrome.

I am seeing large gaps in time between an event occurring and when I click the time stamp, what should I do?

We expect up to 10 seconds of discrepancy between a time stamp and an event occurring. If you are seeing much larger discrepancies, it might be worth also paying attention to other aspects such as:

  1. Is there a large mismatch in audio with the actions happening in a Screen Capture

  2. Are you noticing a trend of this for any other agents? Are they on the same team, were they onboarded at the same time?

Taking basic steps to lower down video quality could help as well, but if there is ultimately a larger internet delay issue, it is also possible this could be related to VPNs causing delays in Screen Capture knowing when an event occurs.

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