Integrating Talkdesk to MaestroQA

Integrate Talkdesk to access calls in MaestroQA

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This integration will enable MaestroQA to access and ingest call audio recordings which are stored in Talkdesk. The call recordings will then be playable in MaestroQA as part of the grading process.

Part 1

Follow the steps outlined in the Talkdesk article Creating a New OAuth Client, noting the following details:

  • Step 1 - Note the exact (lowercase) Account name

  • Step 3 - Fill in the required fields, starting with any valid OAuth Client name

    • The only required Grant type is Client credentials

  • Step 4 - MaestroQA requires API access to all 5 of the following Talkdesk scopes:

    • recordings:read

    • users:read

    • contacts:read

    • data-reports:read

    • data-reports:write

  • Step 5 - Note the exact Client ID and Client Secret

Part 2

Enter following information into MaestroQA:

  • Account name (lowercase)

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret


  • If you receive the error message
    Your Talkdesk integration is broken: Unauthorized
    please verify that the Account name was entered correctly

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