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Ticket UI Updates October 2023
Ticket UI Updates October 2023

Walk through of released Ticket UI in October 2023 as well as what we have been considering

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In this article, we will be sharing the updates we have made to Ticket UI as well as share some of the upcoming changes we are excited about.

If any of these updates are helpful or if you want to share some feedback on other parts of Maestro, please feel free to chat in!

Released Updates to the Ticket View 🎉

Easier visualization of QA scores

To help better contextualize performance per section as well as easily highlight how each criteria is affecting the score, these areas are now color coded to match your Maestro instance's Grading Thresholds.

In addition, to help handle edge cases for Grading Thresholds, we introduced a small QOL update that adds in handling for numbers that are higher than your maximum or lower than your lowest threshold. As an example:

  • Highest Grading Threshold: "Great Job" covers the range 90% to 100% set to color Green

    • Any QA score that is greater than or equal to 100% will have the color Green

  • Lowest Grading Threshold: "Needs Work" covers the range 0% to 60% set to color Red

    • Any QA score that is lower than or equal to 0% will have the color Red

To learn more about Grading Thresholds, check out this article here.

Stickied Section Titles

For complex and criteria filled rubrics, it can be easy to lose your place while working a section that contains a lot of criteria.

To help improve navigation, the section title will be stickied to the top of the header until the next section is reached.

This can allow for you to not only always know what the total score of a section is while looking at the options but also allow for you to collapse a section at any moment

Reducing Clutter in the Top Header of the Tickets page

In our pursuit to create a more straight forward and clean Ticket view, we wanted to help retain existing functionality but also show the relevant information when applicable.

In this first release, we made some quick adjustments to shifting the translation button to be in the stickied header allowing for translations on the go.

In addition, we will no longer always show every Smart Attribute hit in the stickied header and instead only show Smart Attributes where a Smart Attribute has a match.

Bringing Back Blue to the Ticket View

To bring a breath of fresh air to the Ticket view, we are excited to shift towards a more calming Blue theme. In addition, we are excited to introduce these changes to the Ticket Comment view:

  1. More compact and grouped comment view

  2. Easier insight into when comments occurs + time stamps

  3. Improved formatting for Ticket Field Changes

We hope this can create a more colorful and enjoyable experience with viewing Tickets in Maestro!

Upcoming Ticket View Updates 🔜

Improving Highlighting of Agent Being Graded

Grading complex tickets can be difficult, and it can be hard to know what parts of the conversation are related to the right agent. In this upcoming update, easily identify actions related to the Agent Being Graded through

  • An improved "Agent Being Graded" badge

  • Emphasized borders on comments related to Agent Being Graded

  • Relate Ticket Field Changes to Agent Being Graded

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