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Why is my AgentQA Automation not assigning Tickets?
Why is my AgentQA Automation not assigning Tickets?
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What is the most common reason?

The most common reason for no tickets being assigned is because there are no tickets that meet your Automations Search Filters. The best way to validate if that is your issue is by looking at your Automation and replicating what it's trying to do on the Tickets Page.

The key things to take note of when viewing the Automation are,

  • Information within the Choose Tickets section (For your Primary Search + Backup Search if leveraged)

    • Ticket Status

    • Date Range

    • Search Filters

  • Agents selected within the Automation under the Assign To selections or within the Assignment Summaries.

For example,

From the above example, we know the Automation is trying to find,

  • Tickets that were Updated in the past 1 Week

  • Which had a public_comment_count < 5 and CSAT Score Equals 1

  • That are associated to Scott Ashton

With this information, we can apply these filters to the Tickets Page like so,

Here, we can see our Automation has successfully run but because no tickets meet the criteria for the Agents we have selected nothing has been sent for assignment.

How do I fix this?

If you successfully identify the above issue, there are a few ways you can tackle this...

  1. Recommended: Enable a Backup Search Filter on the Automation

  2. Use a wider date-range but the same filters on the Tickets Page until you return tickets, update your Automation to match the filters used to return tickets.

  3. Reduce the filters you have until tickets return on the Tickets Page. Once you have enough for the Automations quota, update the Automation to the reduced filters

If this is not the reason your Automation has not assigned tickets or the fix does not work for your situation, please reach out to the support team for assistance!

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