Using Search Filters to find Tickets

Utilizing ticket filters to find tickets to QA

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Filtering tickets allows for users to easily find and identify areas of improvement. All users can access the tickets tab and filter for attributes that are set to available. Keep in mind two key rules for viewing tickets:

  1. Users can only see tickets that they are associated with or are in an agent group the user is shared with

  2. Only tickets that have been updated within the past 45 days and are associated with an agent set to available will be available for QA 

This article will focus on how to create search filters on the Tickets page that users can use to find tickets to QA. 


Filtering Tickets 

Configuring Agent View

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Start off with choosing what agents you would like to view as well as configure the time frame you want to see tickets from. 

By clicking the [gear] next to [(All Your Agents)] a pop up will bring the list of agents you have set to available to allow for ease of use when it comes to checking Agent availability. 

Configure Date Range

configure date range

Here you can configure whether you would like to view tickets that were:

  • Created within the time frame

  • Last updated within the time frame

  • Last graded within the time frame

  • Last calibrated within the time frame

  • [Reported As] - Reported as graded during the time frame

Note: the difference between [Reported as] vs. [Last graded] is that [Last graded] will always be the last date an aspect of the score was edited. [Reported as] is user configureable and can be set to any date. 

Ex: User grades ticket on 9/2, this would be the [Last graded] date, and then marks the ticket as graded on 8/2, this would be the [Reported as] date.

Creating your Search Filters

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To get started with filtering and creating saved searches, navigate to the tickets page. Then start mix and matching the preferred Ticket Attributes you would like to search with. Keep in mind to press [Search] each time you have finished your value. 

Every time you have added a search field, the tickets shown will automatically update to match the search filter. 

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Once you have your search created, you can click [Save this Search] in order to save the search for future use. 

All [Saved Searches] are collected within the folder icon that you see right next to the [Search] button, and can be used for future references either within the Tickets page or future automations! 

If you would like to delete a saved search, click on the folder icon to bring up the dropdown of all the Saved Searches you have created. Then click on the trash can icon to delete. 

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