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Manager/Grader: Ticket and Rubric Access

Understanding Your Access Within MaestroQA

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Your access within MaestroQA is governed by three factors:

  1. Ticket Access

  2. Rubric Access

  3. Role Permissions

This article will focus on Ticket Access and Rubric Access. If you have more questions in regards to Role Permissions, feel free to check out this article here!

Ticket Access

There are two key things that determine what tickets you will have access to:

  1. Agent Group Access

  2. Agent Availability 

If you experience issues viewing specific agents within MaestroQA, it is most likely related to the above.

Agent Group Access

Agent Groups are a bundle of agents that are assigned to users with the role Grader and Manager. You will have the ability to view agents for agent groups you have been granted access to. 

Agent Availability

Another thing to note, is to ask your admin to check whether the agents you should be grading are all set to available. Only available agents will have tickets available for grading!

Rubric Access

When you start grading, you will need to use rubrics in order to grade tickets. If you try to grade a ticket, and you have issues with a rubric not popping up for grading, you should check whether you have been shared edit access for the rubric. 

If your admin has provided you with permissions to create and edit rubrics, the steps are as follows:

  1. Go into the Rubrics page

  2. Find the rubric of interest

  3. Click Edit Access

  4. Provide yourself View Access, and then provide Edit Access

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