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Manually Share Scores with Agents

How to manually share QA scores with agents

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Who is this for?

Manually sharing scores is best suited for the following cases:

  • You are a user who does not have access to automations

  • Tickets being shared are not part of common grading workflow

  • You are sharing a specific set of tickets ahead of a 1-on-1 session

How do I share scores manually?

There are two methods to sharing scores:

  1. Utilize a search filter to automatically export scores for tickets that match the filter

  2. Manually select tickets to export 

In this case, we will discuss the first option. 

First step is to first properly setup your ticket page filters. Here you can define:

  • What agent you are looking to share tickets with

  • Establish the time frame and types of tickets (Ex. Last graded, created, etc.)

  • Apply a search filter to find the tickets in question for the agent selected

share tickets with agent

Once you have setup a filter, proceed to click on Export Scores. This will bring up a pop-up menu where users can:

  1. Adjust the name of the export if desired

  2. Confirm which agent's tickets are being selected

  3. Confirm the filter that is being used for the filter

  4. Confirm the date range and type of tickets are correct

  5. Finally select the recipients who will receive the export. All recipients receive a separate email. 

Filling out the form
select date range

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