What tickets appear in MaestroQA?

Tickets that show up in MaestroQA would be:

  1. Last updated within the past 30 days

  2. Associated with an available agent

However, users who are unable to see tickets should first double check whether or not the user has access to the appropriate Agent Groups. More on Agent Groups management can be found by clicking below. 

Default retention policy: what is retained, how long, and how to modify

The default retention policy will differ based on whether or not a ticket was graded.

For graded tickets:

  • All ticket data and call recordings for graded tickets are stored for 1 year following the most recent update on the ticket in the help desk.

  • After 1 year, all ticket comments, attachments, and call recordings are purged from the ticket.

  • The QA score, ticket fields, and user fields persist indefinitely unless the grade on the ticket is removed.

  • If you have special requirements that differ from this, please reach out to your CSM to discuss options.

For ungraded tickets:

  • By default, all ticket data for ungraded tickets is stored for 30 days following the most recent update on the ticket in the help desk.

  • After 30 days, all ticket data is purged (including ticket fields, user fields, ticket comments, and attachments).

  • Admins can change this by heading over to Settings > Other Settings > then scrolling down to Retention Settings

Note: Keep in mind the maximum number of days an ungraded ticket can be retained is 45 days 

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