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Building out Grading Thresholds
Building out Grading Thresholds
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What are Grading Thresholds?

Grading Thresholds is a feature that allows an Admin to customize what color and label is associated with a QA Score.

Where and who can configure Grading Thresholds?

Grading Thresholds are only configurable by a MaestroQA Admin. These settings are located on the Other Settings page within the Menu dropdown.

Are the Grading Threshold colors customizable?

You can click on any of the colors to surface a pop up where you can select your preferred color. Multiple grading thresholds can also be set to have the same color.

How many Grading Thresholds are there?

There are 5 Grading Thresholds to choose from. While it is not possible to create more Grading Thresholds, you are also not obligated to use all 5 Grading Thresholds.

How should I configure my Grading Thresholds

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Make sure there are no gaps in the Grading Threshold ranges. An example of a grading threshold with no gaps:

  • Threshold A: 0% to 50%

  • Threshold B: 50% to 80%

  • Threshold C: 80% to 100%

Example of a grading threshold with a gap:

  • Threshold A: 30% to 70%

  • Threshold B: 71% to 89%

  • Threshold C: 90% to 100%

Gaps are seen in these ranges:

  • Between 0% and 30% (Ex. 20%)

  • Between 49% and 50% (Ex. 49.6%)

  • Between 79% and 80% (Ex. 79.5%)

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