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Grader: Understanding Ticket Reviews & QAing Tickets
Grader: Understanding Ticket Reviews & QAing Tickets

A walkthrough of process for QAing Tickets and understanding Ticket Reviews

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After successfully tracking down your assigned tickets, it is now time to QA your tickets. This article will walk through:

  1. Looking at the Ticket Review Page

  2. Selecting the rubric and agent to QA 

  3. Grading the ticket

  4. What happens to the ticket after it is QAed


Inside the Ticket Review

First be sure to follow this article on how to find your assigned tickets:

After you have located the proper ticket review, click into the Ticket Review, and you will find the tickets that are ready to be graded.

Walkthrough of Key Functionality

ticket review
  • Brown box: When you are finished with grading a Ticket Review, always be sure to toggle this from [In-Progress] to [Complete]. This will officially mark all the tickets within the review as completed.

    Note: Be sure you graded all the tickets in the review PRIOR to marking the review as complete.

  • Pink box: Here is where you can choose to filter by what agent you are looking to grade. The standard is that all the tickets within one review are tied to a specific agent, so this filter is not used.

  • Green box: [Remove from Review] button removes the ticket(s) from the review.

    If you believe that a ticket was added to the review in error, then we suggest to first utilize the [Replace Ticket] option prior to removing a ticket from a review.

  • Orange box: [Replace Ticket] is used to replace a ticket in case you don't find the ticket relevant to grade. This button will match a ticket within a custom time frame that matches the original filters used to find this ticket.

    Note: This functionality is limited to users on the Team and Professional packages

  • Red box: Click this button to get started with grading the ticket! 


Selecting the Rubric and Agent

select rubric and agent

After clicking on [Add Score], you will be brought to a screen that allows you to select:

  1. The agent you will be grading

  2. The rubric you will be using  

Once you have confirmed that the proper agent and rubric have been selected, click on [Start Grading]. If you are interested in conducting a calibration, click on the button below!


Grading the Ticket

grading the ticket

Always be sure to double confirm on the top bar [Red box] that you are grading for the right agent and are using the right rubric

After double confirming, you can fill out the rubric and see the score reflect your decisions live time, highlighted in the [Blue box]. While grading, don't forget to use our annotations feature to highlight specific comments to support the grade you give.

When you finish grading the ticket, click on [Save Grades]. If you still have fields in the rubric that are not complete, this option will continue to be grayed out. However, if at anytime you wish to take a step out, don't forget to click [Save Draft] to save your hard work! 

To move on to the next ticket to grade, proceed to the top right, and then click on the arrow to move to the next ticket. 

move to next ticket

Reminder: Once you have completed grading the whole Ticket Review, don't forget to toggle the Ticket Review's status from [In-Progress] to [Completed]. 

status completed


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