Annotating Tickets

Highlight specific text within a ticket and leave comments to allow for more targeted feedback.

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When grading tickets, many graders identify specific responses, sentences, or words for which they would like to contribute some feedback. This gives graders more flexibility and allows for more targeted feedback.

You can annotate tickets via the normal grading workflow.

1. When scrolling through the text of the ticket, highlight any text and the annotation pop-up will appear.

choose criteria

The "Choose Criteria" dropdown allows you to associated the highlighted text with a specific criterion or just with the general ticket.

choose criteria

2. Select a criterion to associate the text and annotation with then select "Save Annotation."

options friendly language

3. The selected text will appear under the selected criteria with a text box to add comments or feedback.
4. When finished grading, save the grade and the annotations will be available for review.

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