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Learn how to find out how your agents are performing

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This article will focus on the manager User Role, and this role is typically allocated towards users who are coaching and managing agents. 

This article will walkthrough a couple of areas to review agent performance:

  1. Via the Coaching Tab

  2. Via Ticket Reviews


Coaching Tab

coaching tab

To get a general overview of agent performance, check out the Coaching Tab

On this page, managers will have the chance to get a brief overview of agent performance as well as read up on any feedback or check out any ticket reviews that were recently shared with the agent. 

The Coaching Tab serves as a nice home base for getting an idea of how a specific agent is doing. 

agent performance review

A quick breakdown of the Coaching Tab

  1. Red box: Agent overall performance compared to other agent groups via [QA Overview].

  2. Blue box: Look at the agent's QA Score trend to determine to see how they have been doing across a timeline.

  3. Pink box: View the agent's QA Score by factoring in all tickets that were graded within the time frame selected.

    Note: Only scores that the user has access to will contribute towards the [QA Score] box. So if there may be discrepancies in view depending on what scores an agent or manager may have access to.

  4.  Brown box: Get a sense of the agent's CSAT Score within the time frame. MaestroQA calculates an agent's CSAT Score based off of any ticket an agent is associated with.

  5. Green box: Once you have reviewed all the relevant information, users who have access to Coaching Forms will have the chance to coach the agent within MaestroQA. If you are interested in learning more about Coaching Forms, check out the button below! 


Ticket Reviews Tab

If you choose to note click on Ticket Reviews from the Coaching tab, users can go directly to the Ticket Reviews page to get a closer look at tickets that have been graded for the agent. 

ticket reviews tab

Primarily graders here will filter for tickets reviews either [graded for] or [shared with] a specific agent. The use case for both would be:

  1. [graded for] allows a manager to easily see all tickets that have been graded for the agent, and that the manager has access to.

    [graded for] uses the agent's name to filter.

  2. [shared with] allows a manager to see what tickets have been shared with the agent. This provides you, as the manager, with more context on knowing what tickets the agent should be aware of when it comes time to review their performance.

    [shared with] uses the agent's email to filter. 

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