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Manually Creating Assignments

Creating an Assignment in MaestroQA without Automations

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This article will walk through how to create a manual assignment in MaestroQA.

As a quick note, for users who have access to Sharing Automations, you will receive your assignments automatically. To learn more about Sharing Automations, check them out by clicking the button below!

If you are missing grading assignments, please reach out to your MaestroQA Admin or chat in so that we can assist in troubleshooting.

How do I create an assignment?

Finding your tickets

The first thing to do when creating an assignment is to find the tickets you are looking to grade.

The first approach involves filtering for tickets on the Tickets page where you manually select your tickets.

create an assignment

A "Selected Tickets" menu will pop up to help keep track of all tickets you have selected, and retain your selected tickets.

An alternative to manually selecting tickets is to have a user manually upload a CSV of ticketIDs. This will only work if the tickets already exist in MaestroQA.

Creating the Assignment

After selecting all the proper tickets, click on "Create/Add to Assignment", and select the proper upload selection.

creating the assignment

This will then bring up a pop up menu where you will fill out a form to create an assignment.

describe the assignment

The first portion involves giving the assignment a name as well as declaring what type of assignment you are creating.

These 3 types are available:

  1. Agent QA: Standard grading assignment focused on assigning agents' tickets to be graded

  2. Graded Tickets: a bundling of already graded tickets to be shared for review (typically, to be shared to the agents themselves, or their managers)

  3. Team Calibration: an assignment that is focused on calibrations

Using these assignments types can help with filtering through assigned tickets on the Home page. Learn more about the Home page here!

Sharing and Assigning

After you select the proper assignment type, you can then fill out a form to choose what users you wish to share the assignment with.

sharing and assigning

Here you can choose:

  • Create a due date for when the recipients should mark the assignment as complete

  • Whether the assignment should contribute towards the recipient's total assigned tickets

  • Choice to send a notification via email, Slack (if integrated), or send no notification at all

Confirming your selection

After you have filled out the form, right before you click on "Create Assignment" at the bottom of the page, you can confirm the information you are able to share.

summary selection

Finding Manually Created Assignments

To find a manually created assignment there are two methods.

  1. If the assignment was assigned for grading, then users can track down these assignments from the Home page. Check out more info on the Home page here!

  2. All users can also go to Ticket Reviews and then filter for assignments shared with them.

ticket reviews

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