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Assignment Types

How assignments/Ticket Reviews are classified

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What are Assignment Types?

Assignment Types are used to help organize and classify different assignments or bundles of tickets in MaestroQA.

There are 4 types of assignments:

  1. Agent QA: Standard QA workflow where you are assigning agents' tickets for grading.

  2. Grader QA: This assignment type involves the process of randomly assigning and "grading" already graded tickets. This "grading" will be done by a Benchmark Grader and will create a Benchmark Grade to be compared with the Original Grade to check if graders are aligned on QA standards (Note: this is an upcoming workflow release for MaestroQA, and is not yet available)

  3. Graded Tickets: Graded tickets to review

  4. Team Calibration: Assigned tickets to calibrate on

These can be created either manually or are automatically assigned by an automation, and be sure to check the articles below to check out those workflows!

These Assignment Types will also be available on the Home page, and you can learn more about that via the article below as well!

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