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Screen Capture Zendesk/Salesforce Blocking

Requiring agents to share their screens in order to access Zendesk

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If you have problems with agents who repeatedly do not share their screens we can block them from using Zendesk/Salesforce unless they are actively sharing a screen.

Blocking will apply to all agents using the extension and can be jarring and disruptive at first.

When Zendesk/Salesforce blocking is enabled:

  • Agents will be required to share their screens.

  • Agents won’t be able to interact with Zendesk/Salesforce until they allow screen sharing.

  • Agents who stop screen sharing while on a call must share their screens once the call is over to use Zendesk/Salesforce.

Zendesk/Salesforce blocking does not support chat systems. If an agent is working on a chat ticket when they stop sharing they could lose access to the conversation.

Normal Screen Permission Prompt

Restricted Prompt Enabled through Force Zendesk/Salesforce

normal screen permission prompt

restricted prompt

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