Common Automation Issues

If you encounter issues with the following cases:

  • Automation did not assign tickets to grade
  • My graders did not receive the proper number of tickets to grade

Then try the following steps to begin troubleshooting:

  1. Locate the automation and go into the automation on the Sharing Automations page
  2. Write down the date range, search filters, and the ticket status filter (eg. Solved, Created, Updated, etc.)
  3. Navigate to the Tickets page
  4. Apply the details noted in step 2

The most common outcomes here are:

  1. No tickets populate; automation is not configured properly to find tickets.
  2. A few tickets populate - cross check when the automation ran with the time the tickets were created or solved

To fix these issues, the best solution is to adjust your automations filter parameters to be broader OR adjust the number of tickets that are supposed to be assigned.

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