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Why should I use Grader-Based Automations?

Understanding the benefits of distributing assignments by grader

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What is a Grader Based Automation?

A Grader Based automation is a variation of a Send Agent QA Assignments Automation.

Grader Based automations distribute assignments that will create Agent QA scores.

How do Grader-Based Automations work?

In a Grader Based automation, the focus is on distributing tickets that match the filters set in the automation.

This means that the Automations goal is not to equally distribute the same number of tickets to be assigned per Agent. Rather, the goal is to ensure that each grader will receive the specified total number of tickets to grade.

Why should I use Grader Based Automations?

Grader Based Automations allow users to add more variations to their QA program to help address QA goals that might not center around just providing consistent stream of feedback to Agents.

This is useful in cases such as:

  • You are looking to QA a specific category or set of tickets where agents are not necessarily equally splitting handling those types of tickets

  • Identify specific cases where agents may have done something wrong during the support process

With this in mind, check out the article link below to read more on how to create a Grader-Based Automation!

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