What is a Grader Based Automation?

A Grader Based Automation is a variation of a Send Agent QA Assignments automation.

The goal of a Grader Based automation is to assign the maximum number of specified tickets to a grader regardless of equally splitting the QA by agent.

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Note: Grader Based Automation is not Grader QA. Learn more about Grader QA here!

Using Grade Based Assignments in Automations

Step 1: Reaching the correct Automation Form

On the Sharing Automation page click on "Create New Automation". Then, select "Send Agent QA Assignments".

automation form

Step 2: Filling out the Agent QA Automation

An Agent QA Automation will have the following sections:

  1. Describe the Automation: What is the name of the Automation and assignments

  2. Choose Rubric: What rubric will be used to grade the assigned tickets

  3. Choose Tickets: What tickets should be assigned for grading

  4. Assign Tickets: Who will receive the grading assignments

  5. Set Schedule: When and how frequently does the automation run

  6. Send Notifications: How will graders be alerted that they have tickets to grade

For this step, fill out every section as you would for a regular Agent Based automation except for the "Assign Tickets" section.

Step 3: Creating the Grader Based Automation

Within the Assign Tickets section, first select "Grader" to specify that this automation will be Grader Based instead of Agent Based.

assign tickets to grader

After this selection, specify what graders will be receiving these tickets to grade. In this case, you can choose to either send tickets to grade to a group of graders or individually select graders.

assign tickets to grader groups

Third, specify how many tickets each grader will receive.

max tickets per grader

Finally, select what agent group the Grader Based automation will use to assign tickets from.

pull tickets from groups

You can confirm whether the automation is set to your liking by checking the Assignment Summary.

assignment summary

Step 4: Saving and Testing the Automation

After saving the automation, users can test the automation by locating the Automation Tile from the Automations page. Depending on how those results appear, you can now run the automation as usual!

auto assignment
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