Configuring Screen Capture Moments

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About Screen Capture Moments

Find coaching and process insights faster by highlighting the moments that matter in your recordings. Moments helps you identify interesting agent workflows to watch, like putting a call on hold, using internal tools, and tickets flagged by agents.

Configure Moments

You can create moments by listing out the URLs of different tools your agents use to get their job done.

For example, you can begin capturing moments where your team searches google by creating a Moment called "Google Search" using the URL "". Once a Moment is configured, it will become available to you on future recordings.

add custom url based moment

Ticket Attributes

While adding Moments, you now have the option of creating ticket attributes for the moment. Ticket attributes can be used in ticket search and automations to surface recordings that include the moment, letting you do targeted process shadowing at scale.

You can create three types of ticket attributes for each moment:

  • Tickets with this Moment (true, false)

  • Length of this Moment (value in seconds)

  • Relative time of Moment (% of recording)

Allow agents to flag recordings for review

Allowing agents to flag recordings help you crowdsource moments that matter: tickets worth reviewing in coaching sessions, difficult processes to follow or problems to solve, and challenges with internal documentation or tools. Agents can optionally include a comment to explain why they flag a recording.

flag recordings for review

If a recording is flagged, a note will show up next to the recording to let you know.

We recommend creating saved searches or automations to track the recordings agents flag. You can use the ticket attribute screen_capture_flagged to do this.

flagged recording

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