Ticket Custom Fields, which are also referred to as Ticket Attributes, identify specific ticket traits that can help users create granular filters to help create granular workflows. 

Examples of Ticket Custom Fields would be: Ticket [Status] and [CSAT Score]

Ticket Custom Fields can be used within:

  • Tickets tab to find specific sets of tickets as well as create saved searches

  • Reporting tab to conduct reports on specific ticket attributes

This article will teach you how to add Ticket Custom Fields/Ticket Attributes. The functionality to add Ticket Custom Fields is limited to users with the Admin role. 

How do I add a Ticket Custom Field?

Begin by navigating to the Integrations page, which can be located via Settings > Integrations. On the integrations page, scroll down until you see [Integration Settings], and then you will see a pop up like below. 

ticket custom field

The settings here will default to the helpdesk you have integrated (ex. Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom) and [Ticket Custom Field]. 

This will now bring up a form where you will see three selectors: 

  1. Select Field Type

  2. Select Field

  3. Show Field Updates/display_field_updates 

ticket custom field selector

These options are slightly different depending on the integration, and for this case we will describe how the options work if the user is integrated with Zendesk.

The first selector Select Field Type has 2 options, standard and custom. These correspond to default ticket fields, and your custom Zendesk fields special to your Zendesk account respectively  

select field type

The second selector Select Field has many options, this is where you select the actual field you want to import.

select field options

The third selector Show Changes to Field has two options [True, False]. If True, this will import all the updates to this Field as comment bubbles in the ticket view. This is equivalent to the old 'Show Changes'  button from the old tickets attributes page.

show changes to field

After you click save, a row will still be generated in the ticket attributes page as before, however this table will look a little different.  You can read up more on the Ticket/User Attribute Table via the button below! 

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