Coach to CES, CSAT, and QA all in one Platform

Thanks to our partnership with Qualtrics, users can now integrate another powerful platform to improve the overall Coaching Experience in Maestro. Develop customizable CES and CSAT surveys in Qualtrics to uncover data-driven insights, and pull that feedback into Maestro to ensure team members are prioritizing them in 1 on 1 coaching conversations.

You must have a Qualtrics account to enable this feature. Contact your CSM to learn more about the integration to determine if it's right for you!

Click here to learn more about Qualtrics and how their tool can be leveraged to optimize Customer Experience

Never heard of Customer Effort Score? Read this Qualtrics article to learn more about CES and how it differs from other experiential CX metrics.

Benefits of the Qualtrics Integration

Directly integrate your Qualtrics account to Maestro to surface Customer Effort Scores (CES) and Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) at the ticket level.

Coach to that feedback directly in Maestro with our updated Coaching Experience.

  • Quickly identify recent and relevant CX insights with the Feedback Table. CES/CSAT scores and comments submitted by customers are now visible for every agent.

Qualtrics Integration
  • Open a ticket with CES/CSAT feedback to see the survey questions and their responses. Choose which surveys and/or survey questions you'd like to surface in Maestro, and it will be configured as requested (reach out to your CSM for more details).

Coaching page Qualtrics integration

How to Enable the Qualtrics Integration

A MaestroQA Admin must first turn on the feature flag by going to Settings > Other Settings > Additional Feature Settings. There will be an option to select "Show CES Scores in Coaching".

From here, the Admin initiates the direct integration with Maestro. Ideally, the user is also an Admin in Qualtrics. Go to Settings > Integrations and click the Qualtrics tab.

Follow the prompts to enable the integration. Allow 1-2 hours for all tickets to retroactively update with the new Delighted data.

If you have any issues finding the necessary credentials to integrate your Qualtrics account, follow these additional instructions which we also provide in the prompt, as shown above.

Who Has Access to this Feature?

Once an admin with a Qualtrics account integrates, all your teams' users will have access to the CES/CSAT data that's pulled in from Qualtrics for the Agents they have access to.

CES/CSAT Configuration Settings in Maestro

Once Qualtrics is integrated, Admins can configure how CES/CSAT is structured and displayed within the Maestro platform. Admins can go to Settings > Other Settings and scroll down to adjust the following parameters.

Set Up the CES/CSAT Association Rule

Depending on how your support team handles ticket interactions, we provide three different ways to associate CSAT scores with Agents.

Configure CES/CSAT to Mirror Your Preferred Qualtrics CSAT Survey Scale

What is your CES/CSAT survey rating scale? Qualtrics provides various options. Construct your CES/CSAT Survey in Qualtrics then configure the rating scale in Maestro to match it accordingly.

CSAT rating scale
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