Now coaches have a more streamlined workflow to manage their teams' Coaching Sessions in Maestro. With the new navigation display, Managers can keep track of Coaching Sessions for their respective teams all in one place.

  • Create Coaching Sessions for all Agents on your team in one place

  • Toggle to view Coaching Sessions by Agent or by an entire Agent Group

  • Filter through Coaching Sessions by Agent, Team, Coaching Template, or Date Range

  • Quickly identify the completion status for Coaching Sessions across the team

This is the first step towards building a more comprehensive Team Coaching Dashboard for coaches to better manage their growing support teams.

Who Has Access to the New Dashboard?

All non-agents will have access to the new Team Coaching Dashboard. Click the Coaching tab and the new navigation can be seen on the left side of your screen.

SInce Agents can only see their own data, they do not have access to the Team Coaching Dashboard.

Navigating the Team Coaching Dashboard

Previously, a Coach could only view information for one Agent at a time when going to the Coaching page. Now, all non-agent users can choose between two options: the Team tab and the Agent tab.

The Agent tab of the Coaching Dashboard

Team Dashboard - Agent View

Selecting the Agent toggle in the navigation window takes users directly to the Coaching tab. From here, a Coach can still choose any Agent's dashboard to review from the dropdown list of Agents he/she has access to.

Users can still use the navigation to jump to any section of interest on the Coaching tab.

The Team tab of the Coaching Dashboard

On the Team tab, users can surface Coaching Sessions created for all Agents in the Agent Group selected within the navigation pane. In the example above, we can see all of the Coaching Sessions created in the last 7 days for Agents on the Customer Operations team.

Once an Agent Group is selected, Coaches can filter the Coaching Sessions down further to find what they need:

  • Agent - Filter down to one of the Agents in the selected Agent Group

  • Filter by Template - Look for Coaching Sessions that match a particular Coaching Template. (Example - look for all Coaching Sessions created with the Disciplinary Action template)

  • Date Field - See Coaching Sessions by either the date they were created or the date the session took place

  • Date Range - specific period of time that Coaching Sessions were created or administered

From here, users have many options to choose from. See below for more details.

  1. Create a new Coaching Session

    Create sessions for all of your Agents on the main page of the Team Dashboard. Go directly into the new session to include more notes, or add more to the session later on. Either way, the new session will appear on the Team Dashboard for you to access whenever you're ready.

  2. Drill down into an existing Coaching Session

    Click an Agent's name to go directly to his/her personal Coaching tab, or the Agent View.

    Similar to the previous experience, users can click into the dropdown under "Coaching for" to move to a different Agent's page - or select the Team toggle to go back to see the full team's list of Coaching Sessions.

  3. Review the status of every Coaching Session for your team

    Which Agents did you already share Coaching Sessions with? Which Agents have yet to label their sessions as complete? Quickly identify the status of Coaching Sessions for your entire team without clicking through various Agents on the Coaching tab. Hover over the question mark next to the "Status" header to learn the meaning of each icon.

  4. Manage/Edit Coaching Sessions for your team on one page

    Each row in the table represents a different Coaching Session. Click into the three vertical dots to the right to view the session, view the Agent's entire Coaching tab, or delete the session. This way, coaches can stay organized on the Team Coaching Dashboard and drill down to the Agent tab for a particular Agent when more information is needed.

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