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Adding Ungraded Tickets to Coaching
Adding Ungraded Tickets to Coaching

Learn how to add to Coaching directly from the Tickets tab

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The Tickets Tab gives Coaches a broad view of Agent interactions with customers. Adding to Coaching directly from the Tickets tab allows teams to:

  • Find tickets with valuable insights which haven’t been graded to add to Coaching Sessions

  • Quickly find tickets covered in live coaching sessions and add them to the corresponding session as Coaching Points

How to Add Ungraded Tickets to Coaching

  1. Navigate to the Tickets tab, and use Maestro’s filters to find tickets with valuable coaching opportunities. If your agents are tagging tickets as they work, you can filter by those tags in the dropdown using Ticket Attributes

  2. When you find a ticket with a valuable coaching opportunity, click into that ticket and select “Add to Coaching”

  3. [optional] Like elsewhere in Maestro, you will be able to add the ticket as an unassigned coaching point (meaning it's not immediately tied to a session, and is instead just left in the backlog list of unassigned points for that agent) or you can specify the session to link it to by clicking “Add to session”. Only the ticket will be added to the session, not the associated Rubric and grade

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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