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Coaching Reporting Dashboard
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The Coaching Reporting dashboard allows users to get a better sense of the scale of their coaching program. Use this dashboard to:

  • See how many agents are receiving coaching over a period of time as well as how many coaching sessions have been shared with agents

  • Drill down to see how many agents are being by agent group, and the percent of the group that is receiving coaching

How to View the Coaching Reporting Dashboard

  1. From the top navigation menu, click into the ‘Reporting’ section, and select ‘Reports’

  2. Select ‘Coaching Metrics' from the left navigation menu. Within the page, you have the option to use the filters to view reporting for a particular agent group, template, rubric, or criteria. When you are done selecting these, click “Apply filters”

  3. Use the top two graphs to see the overall extent of your coaching program. The graph on the top left shows the number of agents being coached, and the top right the amount of sessions that are shared with agents

  4. The bottom two graphs show a drilldown on the agent group level. Use them to see a comparison of coaching between agent groups, and the percentage of agents in a particular group receiving coaching.

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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