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Creating manual Grader QA Assignments
Creating manual Grader QA Assignments
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What is Grader QA?

Grader QA is a workflow focused on helping ensure that Graders are aligned and are grading tickets based off of guidelines established by the QA Program.

Unique from Calibrations, Grader QA is focused on producing an alignment score to help determine grader alignment with the status quo. More on alignment scores can be read here!

The most common flow to run a Grader QA program is to use the Grader QA automation. However, if you are looking to either test out Grader QA or run more specific spot checks, this article will walk through how to create Grader QA assignments manually.

How do I create a Grader QA Assignment Manually?

Creating a manual Grader QA assignment is similar to how you would create a manual Agent QA assignment or a Calibration assignment.

The only requirements to create a manual Grader QA assignment are:

  • Be a MaestroQA Admin

  • Have the Grader QA workflow enabled for your MaestroQA instance

As an Admin follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Tickets page

  2. Filter for the tickets you wish to conduct Grader QA on

  3. Select the ticket by clicking on the checkbox next to the ticket in the first column

  4. Click on "Create/Add to Assignment"

  5. From the dropdown, click on "... from Selected Tickets"

  6. In the pop up form, give the assignment a name and select "Grader QA" in the "Describe The Assignment" step

  7. Underneath "Sharing and Assigning", enter in the email for the user who will be conducting the Grader QA

    1. Note: only users who are enabled to grade the grader through Role Permissions will be able to actually conduct Grader QA

  8. Optionally choose:

    1. How you want to notify the user

    2. Whether to assign it to their QA Assignments dashboard

    3. To add a due date

  9. Click "Create Assignment" to create the Grader QA assignment!

Manually created Grader QA assignments can contain a mix of rubrics instead of the traditional one rubric that is configured through Grader QA automations.


What if there are multiple QA scores tied to the ticket?

If there are multiple QA scores tied to the ticket, in the top navigation bar within the Grading view, click on "Rubric" to select the desired rubric.

How do I grant someone access to do Grader QA?

As a MaestroQA Admin, navigate to the User Roles > Role Permissions page.

In the option labeled "Allow these users to grade Graders", select the grader you wish to provide Grader QA permission to.

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