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Multi-Approval Grader QA Appeals

Set up multi-approval steps for submitting a Grader QA Appeal

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What is a Grader QA Appeal?

Grader QA appeals provides QA graders with a voice to challenge a Grader QA score. To learn more about the general Grader QA appeal workflow, check out this article here!

What is the multi-step Grader QA appeal workflow?

Similar to the multi-step Agent QA appeal workflow, this process allows you to designate an appeal approver who is responsible for doing an initial screening of the appeal before it reaches the final decision maker.

This is configurable on a per grader basis and this article will walkthrough:

  1. How to set up an appeal approver for the Grader QA appeal workflow

  2. Outline requirements required for users to effectively do the role

  3. Explain Grader QA score access permissions

What permissions are required to run a multi-step Grader QA appeal program?

Many of the same permission requirements for establishing a Grader QA appeal program are the same base foundation of requirements required. These being:

  1. Original graders need to have access to view their Grader QA scores

  2. All participants have expected rubric permissions to view scores on the ticket

  3. All participants have the expected agent access related to the score on the tickets

  4. You have at least 1 benchmark grader established in your account through the User Roles > Role Permissions page

How do I set up a multi-step Grader QA appeal program?

Setting up the multi-step Grader QA appeal workflow requires a user to be an Admin.

On the User Roles > User Group page, when editing a User Group, you will now see the option to add an “Appeal Approver”. You are able to add as many appeal approvers as you wish, but we recommend to ensure that each grader has 1 appeal approver in order to reduce the number of options they will have to select.

Ideally your appeal approver you select for the grader would be whomever they directly report to or is their team lead.

Grader QA Appeal Approvers do not need permissions to create Grader QA scores. They however will need the core ticket access requirements which are:

  1. Access to the agent

  2. Access to the rubric used to create the score

  3. Proper view grade Role Permissions

How does this change the Grader QA Appeal workflow?

In the original Grader QA Appeal workflow, original graders would submit an appeal directly to an Grader QA Appeal Reviewer.

At scale, this workflow may not be manageable by your limited number of Grader QA Appeal reviewers, and you may want to introduce a middleman to help validate an appeal before reviewing.

By setting up Grader QA Appeal approvers, you will establish a middleman who can help review an appeal before it continues down the funnel and effectively split up appeal work across your team.

What does the Grader QA Appeal Approver do?

The Grader QA Appeal Approver is able to view the appeal that has been submitted by an original grader but is unable to make any updates to the score itself.

As the middle man, the Grader QA Appeal Approver is able to give quick decisions on whether an appeal is valid before submitting it to an Grader QA Appeal Reviewer. The Grader QA Appeal Reviewer is the only user in the flow who can make a decision that affects the QA score on a ticket.

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