Scheduling a Calibration Session

How to create Calibrations in advance

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Why schedule a Calibration Session?

Instead of waiting until the day of to create a calibration, you can now schedule a calibration session days to weeks in advance.

This can allow you to ensure that every participant is going to start doing the calibration at the same time while also eliminating the worry of sending out the calibration at a specific time.

How do I schedule a Calibration Ticket Review?

As a MaestroQA Admin or Limited Admin, go through the usual Calibration Ticket Review creation workflow by:

  1. Selecting a set number of tickets

  2. Click on "Create/add to assignment"

  3. Select "Team Calibration" or "Benchmark Calibration" as the assignment type

After filling out the rest of the information on the page, you will see a new section at the bottom of the Ticket Review creation form labeled: Set Schedule. This section is responsible for controlling when the Ticket Review should be shared and grant other non-Admin users access to the Ticket Review.

When clicking on "Select Date", you will be required to input:

  1. A future calendar date for when the Ticket Review will be shared with participants

  2. What time in the day the Ticket Review will be shared

Note: The time zone set in your Maestro instance is what the Ticket Review will use for the scheduler.

How does this appear on the Ticket Review page?

On the Ticket Review page, we are introducing a new Ticket Review status labeled: Scheduled.

Using this new Ticket Review status along with setting your date range filter to look into the future, you will be able to surface a scheduled Ticket Review that has been created.

As an example, if today is 4/17 and a scheduled Ticket Review is set to be shared with users on 7/10, you will need to set your time frame to include the date of 7/10:

Scheduled Ticket Reviews are only visible to:

  1. MaestroQA Admins

  2. Original Creator of the scheduled Ticket Review

Outside of these two factors, all other scheduled to be shared users on the Ticket Review will not be able to access it until the send date defined in the Ticket Review is created.

How do I modify a scheduled Ticket Review?

Using the steps above to find the scheduled Ticket Review, you are able to update the Ticket Review as you would with any normal Ticket Review.

This includes being able to:

  1. Remove tickets

  2. Add or remove users from the Ticket Review

  3. Re-schedule a new date for the Ticket Review to be shared

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